[LDPE] 1.8.62 Released (bugfix for PrimGen2, bugfix for TEXMAP)

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(2022-09-18, 19:29)Max Murtazin Wrote: Can there be an LDPE auto-updater? I think it would be pretty useful to just see if an update is out when you launch it, instead of having to regulary check the forum to see if there is a new version

There was an update script, but I don't support this anymore. The effort for this feature does not justify its benefits.
You can subscribe to my RSS feed on sourceforge, if you like! (I know, I know, the kids do not use RSS these days ;) )


Why I don't implement this: The auto-updater should be able to replace an existing installation in a secure manner, which is not so trivial!
LDPE is not a single file, which you can replace easily, it comes with a standalone runtime and additional native libraries.
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