LDPE 1.8.58 Released (bugfixes, keys for view rotation axis lock)

MMB problems reproduced...
(2022-07-04, 15:33)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Yes, but maybe not that severe.
It is related to the new feature (snapping to angles, with Shift, Ctrl and Alt), but I can't tell what's triggering the bad behaviour.
But after I press the Alt button, the MMB starts working again.

I was able to reproduce the problem. I forgot to reset some state for the Alt key.
This could lead to a situation where the 3D view received a permanent signal of a pressed Alt key.
Therefore the MMB was locked.

Temporary workaround: Press the Alt key once on a focused 3D view to unlock the MMB rotation.

edit: I created an issue (#916).
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