[Tool/Web] LDraw to Studio Exporter

[Tool/Web] LDraw to Studio Exporter
Hello together,

first post here - so first of all: Thanks for the great efforts, people put into LDraw library - this is just amazing!

To contribute a little back, I wrote myself a web-based tool which gives one the posibility to search and download specific parts as one single zip-file out of the LDraw library which just includes all sub assemblies which are needed for the part of choice.

The zip-files' folder structure is prepared to be included into Studios' customParts folder (I know, we are in the LDraw forums here - so nevertheless, the tool might still be useful for some people in non-Studio-scenarios).

URL: https://www.reum.it/ldraw-to-studio-exporter/

Examples as direct-download Links:

*The tool is including all license / legal-related files of LDraw into all created zip-files.

Hope it helps some here, best regards!
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