Form Technic Axle Flexible with liftarms

RE: Form Technic Axle Flexible with liftarms
(2022-05-17, 17:36)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Ah! You sir are one of kind.
I cannot get it to work. I've put the template in the templates folder and the dat in the donor folder.
My parts do not snap either.

I am missing something. Can you please share ldcFlexAxleDualEnd Cap, D, E, F and G too?
These files are in my previous post (zip file). Are you sure you're using latest 1.7alpha2? Have you restarted LDCad after donnor file update?

Quote:How did you get the half liftarm around the axle? ;-)
Tricky isn't it?   Big Grin
Actually, I used axle connexion to allow auto-orientation of part. A pin connection might work in non-twisted configuration, but otherwise it's better to use a part with axlehole and replace it later with a beam.
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