[Suggestion] Curve the npeghole primitives

RE: [Suggestion] Curve the npeghole primitives
I made myself a summary of all the descriptions of the npeghole primitives.


Yellow cell = updated designs
Blue (6d, 19, 20) = new files
Green (14, 15) = made, but never used or obsoleted
Orange (16, 17) = no longer needed. Obsolete, use npeghole or npeghol6a instead.

In the descriptions:
red = removed/moved text
green = added text

I want to change the descriptions, and use the green text, but should it be "without Extensions" or "without Top Surface Extensions"?
All the un-scalable primitives should use the word "Beam". Correct?
What does "0.125" stand for in their description? There is a mix-up of the usage of 0.25 and 0.125.
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