[Suggestion] Curve the npeghole primitives

RE: [Suggestion] Cure the npeghole primitives
(2022-04-30, 8:37)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: I don't doubt that you are capable of editing a few primitives, but how about the extensive investigation into the geometry of all the parts using these family of primitives. I made a thorough investigation of all the parts with an axlehole, before a dared to suggest a rework.
Have you made a similar investigation of all the parts using npeghole primitives?

IMO it would be wrong to change all the npeg hole primitives, so which one are you planning to edit?

All up to the 13 have one same element this topic was about fixing. By the extension, all npegholes 0 through 13 would need an update. As far as I know it, currently all parts with npeghole element use primitives, and with how updated variant is done, it shouldn't cause any problems.

I will go through all the parts using those primitives, but for that I need primitives themselves to be on my hands
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