[Suggestion] Curve the npeghole primitives

RE: [Suggestion] Cure the npeghole primitives
Okay so, here is more visual explanation of what I suggest to do. 
Currently we have this:


It is pretty angular, not so pleasing to see, and, as Phillippe mentioned, sometimes results in pretty unpleasing geometry

Instead, I suggest doing this:


Result is more pleasing to the eye, and doesn't have 0-thickness in any places of the part. 

Mentioning once again axle primitives, we already have an example of changing primitives to make them look better, and also with the change get rid of some unwanted geometry interactions, that don't change much due to not being visible most of the time. Liftarms by the way, I want to say, are way easier to notice imperfections with, because npegholes are seen very commonly on the builds, and some smaller ones look very not good with what is currently on hands

I also attach rough concept models of primitives I used for the pictures. These are currently just the concept models, and use no primitives nor have any smoothing. I will make proper versions of those two, as well as other npeghole primitives if idea won't ultimately get rejected, but for now I think it's enough for the discussion

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