[Suggestion] Curve the npeghole primitives

RE: [Suggestion] Cure the npeghole primitives
(2022-04-23, 21:11)Max Murtazin Wrote: One thing that was bothering me for the all time I was using LDraw-powered software, and especially after I started making parts for the repository, is that the npegholes are very oddly unsmoothed. It doesn't look good, it is not accurate, and requires not that much work to do. Maybe update this set of primitives to make corners a bit rounded?
I agree that current situation is far from perfect (it's even worse for 90° angled beams where the npegholes join together), but changing this is rather daunting, as these elements are often embedded in part structure. The 90° situation was so bad that I already created npeghol17 with cut corners to address the problem in Technic baseplate (https://www.ldraw.org/parts/official-par...rtid=39369)
...Or we could go the other direction and completely remove beam npegholes like LEGO does in his building instructions! Big Grin
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