looking for ldcad linkage animation help

RE: looking for ldcad linkage animation help
Here's a video of the animation including the rotation of the lower axle assembly. My presumption is that the part "motor.ldr" in your model is some custom part as it is not a standard LDraw part, hence why there is a part gap in the video. The animation was created by making use of LDCad's POV-Ray animation capability.

I made the following additional refinements to your model;
  • the crank and coupler linkages were not quite rotated in the correct place to align. They are now.
  • I made the parts for the lower axle assembly into a sub-model. It made the animation script easier.

You can download the revised model from here. I also tweaked the linkages script specifically for your request. The modified script (download it from here) not only rotates the linkages (as per the video) but at the same time rotates the whole model too (as per your request but the model rotation is not included in the video above).

Note that the modified Lua script requires the lower axle assembly to be named "driver.ldr" for it to work. There are two blocks added to the linkages script; one towards the end of the function on4BarFrame and one at the end of the function on4BarStart. The blocks are commented with today's date so you should be able to see the difference to the normal linkages.lua script.


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