looking for ldcad linkage animation help

RE: looking for ldcad linkage animation help
(2021-12-13, 7:26)David Manley Wrote: Presumably you are wanting something like this for the linkages animation?

I did this using the linkages script as described in this forum post, tweaking your model a bit to try to illustrate how to set up the parts for the linkages animation. The modified LDraw file can be download here.

Hopefully this is enough to help but if not, you're welcome to post questions here.



Thank you very much ,this is exactly what i want
several days ago , i'v read your reply abou linkage in other place in  this forum ,but the program you code in lua is difficult for me . i can use it as the way you show in the video Thannk you very much 
by the way ,if I want to let the whole model rotate around Z-axis  and the wheel in the model near the motor to rotate 
How can I modify your program
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