[SOLVED!] coordinate-handedness confusion

RE: coordinate-handedness confusion
(2021-09-01, 9:43)KristyB Wrote: And finally, the actual project zipped and uploaded to gDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zq24FAv...sp=sharing
I'm not sure if asking to look at the UE4 project is in bad-taste or not when asking for help, but I'm at the end of my ability with this project.
I actually wanted to take a look at UE4 at some point, but I have zero experience with it at the moment Big Grin

Maybe this weekend if there aren't too many hoops one must jump trough in order to download it.

I think the main problem is I assumed you imported the whole model as a single mesh, but it seems you are using loose bricks.

This means you need to convert the LDraw type 1 line matrices the same way the brick meshes did.

Where did the brick meshes come from?
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