LDCad 1.7 interactive animation teaser/demo

RE: LDCad 1.7 interactive animation teaser/demo
(2021-07-27, 22:14)Roland Melkert Wrote: <snip>

Any comments, ideas for animations etc are welcome.

Cribbing one of your own samples, having a 360 degree rotation of a model would be a helpful "out-of-the-box" animation.

It would be handy if the sample script could be tweaked slightly. As the sample is currently written, the line

local ref=ldc.subfile():getRef(1)

will rotate the first object. While I can modify my model to create a sub-file which contains all my top-level objects, and hence the rotation script rotates the whole model, it would be nice if the rotation could be applied at the top-level without having to create the sub-file.

The 360 animation is helpful for creating animated GIFs (via File/Export) to better illustrate a model from all sides. It is something which Studio offers out of the box and it would be nice to have the same option available a (semi-) standard in LDCad.


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