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RE: Using CommandLinesList and ExportFile
(2021-02-24, 9:28)Bertrand Lequy Wrote: I'm going to check the paths but everything is in the same folder right now. Do you need some more config infos ?

If you install LDView 4.4 Beta 3, it contains a new feature that will hopefully help track down what is wrong: LDView.com, a wrapper that allows you to see error messages when running LDView from the command line in Windows. Simply run LDView.com instead of LDView64.exe, and you should then get error messages if it runs into problems. Note also that if you include the LDView install path in your system path, you can just run LDView, and it will use LDView.com automatically (even with 32-bit LDView, although you're using 64-bit LDView).
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