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RE: Using CommandLinesList and ExportFile
Thank you for your answers.

(2021-02-24, 0:26)Travis Cobbs Wrote: What you describe sounds like it is "works as designed". (In other words, good or bad, I think it is doing what I intended it to do.) The WindowWidth and WindowHeight settings are ignored for command line exports. You should instead use SaveWidth and SaveHeight. Additionally, I suspect that you have LDView's POV Aspect Ratio setting set to "Current LDView aspect ratio". You may or may not want it to be set to this. If you set it to Automatic, the POV aspect ratio will always match the aspect ratio of the image you instruct POV to generate.

I tryed different configurations to solve the problem by myself before bothering somebody here Big Grin I probably messed some settings up.

I made a quick test right now with automatic setting and there're still camera differences. I'm going to perform more tests later according to your suggestions. And report here if necessary.

(2021-02-24, 0:26)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I'm not sure what is going on here; I'll have to test. Your commandlist.txt file works for me on my Mac after I edit the filenames to be valid for my Mac. The behavior you describe is what would happen if LDView cannot find any of the files you are specifying (D:\LEGO\Python\data\3001.ldr, etc.), or if it cannot find D:\LEGO\Python\data\commandlist.txt. Basically, during startup, it tries to determine if there is anything on the command line requesting snapshots or exports. If is successfully generates any snapshots or exports, it then simply exits. If not, it runs as normal, which seems to be what you are seeing. I'll test in Windows to see if I somehow broke the CommandLinesList functionality there.
I'm going to check the paths but everything is in the same folder right now. Do you need some more config infos ?

(2021-02-24, 0:26)Travis Cobbs Wrote: As an aside, I do notice that you have an apparent copy-and-paste error, in that only the first three LDR filenames match the target POV filenames, and the rest reuse 3002.ldr.

Thank you (I would probably have facepalm later for that)
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