Parts 72490c01, 72490a, & 72490b

RE: Parts 72490c01, 72490a, & 72490b
(2021-02-23, 22:14)Gerald Lasser Wrote: I needed some tries to get the edges finally visible in the render and in LDView even when there are only condlines.

I needed to slightly exaggerate the depth and use more surfaces to get the effect.

Looks good so far!  Can't wait till she's done!  Hopefully once completed she won't take too long to get over to, I've got a Lego Zeppelin Gondola over there, and in order to finish her the envelope, a.k.a. the balloon structure, is needed.  And who knows, if I upload my Airship design to Lego Ideas, we might just see a whole new Zeppelin Balloon Structure piece, (or pieces), added to the Lego Directory.  Rockatoa, Brickticks out!  P.S.  Awesome Job!!!
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