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RE: LDView 4.4 Alpha 6 test release: 2 bugs
(2020-07-09, 6:03)Travis Cobbs Wrote:
(2020-07-09, 1:32)Steffen Wrote: (1)
I was double-checking some problem I had with camera location and lookat export to POVRay.
The problem I am suspecting is that the camera location shifting which can be done by CTRL+Mousedrag
does not make it into the POVRay export. During that I wanted to confirm that the camera location export
to clipboard (menu: "Tools" / "Show View Info...") works correctly. And voila:
there the same problem occurs: if you shift the camera by CTRL-Mousedrag, this change is not reflected in the camera data which is copied to
the clipboard. I was able to reproduce this bug also in the currently official release 4.3.

I created an Issue for this on GitHub. I will investigate, and attempt to fix the problem in both places.

The "Show View Info..." dialog does not support arbitrary camera positioning. This is in fact documented in LDView's help. The reason for this is that LDView doesn't support arbitrary camera positioning from the command line. It probably won't ever.

The POV export does support arbitrary camera positioning. If you can provide me with a set of steps where this isn't working properly, please do. Please note that in order to be sure that it isn't working properly, you must use View->Standard Sizes in LDView to select an aspect ratio that matches your aspect ratio in POV-Ray. I would appreciate it if you would add your feedback to the GitHub issue linked above.
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