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LDView 4.4 Alpha 6 test release: 2 bugs
Hello Travis,
it is awesome to see a new LDView release upcoming.
I am currently thoroughly checking out this one, here's my feedback:

I was double-checking some problem I had with camera location and lookat export to POVRay.
The problem I am suspecting is that the camera location shifting which can be done by CTRL+Mousedrag
does not make it into the POVRay export. During that I wanted to confirm that the camera location export
to clipboard (menu: "Tools" / "Show View Info...") works correctly. And voila:
there the same problem occurs: if you shift the camera by CTRL-Mousedrag, this change is not reflected in the camera data which is copied to
the clipboard. I was able to reproduce this bug also in the currently official release 4.3.

I like that LDView now supports !TEXTURE elements. However, they did not make it into the POVRay export for me.
That's a pity I think, because I think adding that would be nearly trivial, compared to supporting it in LDView itself.
Or did I miss something? I tried the POVRay export with the file attached.

Maybe I will come up with more things in another post.


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