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RE: LDView 4.4 Alpha 6 test release
(2020-07-08, 13:57)N. W. Perry Wrote: It looks like that preference state is simply not being saved. Each time I reopen the program, that box is re-checked.

As a workaround in the meantime, is there a QuickLook plugin that can be disabled? (I found them, but didn't see one obviously related to LDView.)

I don't know how to disable QuickLook plugins, but anything advertising for com.cobbsville.* would be from LDView. Also, since LDView.app isn't singed, you can probably remove the Library directory from inside the LDView.app directory. (The only thing in LDView.app/Library is the QuickLook plugin.

I did some more research, and it looks like, if you want to see the model image in the right pane of column-mode Finder, you definitely have to have previews enabled (which is what gets used when you hit space, I think). I still haven't determined if it is possible to have thumbnails without previews.

I haven't yet been able to reproduce the problem with the enabled setting not saving. I'll keep looking.
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