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RE: LDView 4.4 Alpha 6 test release
(2020-06-14, 23:57)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Support for macOS Finder thumbnail generation (toggle on LDraw tab of preferences).
So, I love having this feature (although it does seem to give up after a while of generating thumbnails, and just revert to the default icon, probably a memory issue).

However, this also takes over Quick Look functionality; previously, the files would preview in TextEdit, which was nice since it allowed me to check the code without having to use Open With… (LDView was already set as the default for opening files). Is there any way to have it both ways—let LDView generate thumbnails, but still use TextEdit for Quick Look previews?

(Also, toggling the preference doesn't seem to stop thumbnail generation, but maybe I have to relaunch Finder or reboot for it to take effect.)
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