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(2020-06-23, 15:59)Steve J. Wrote: I'll venture to guess that you were building specifically to recently released Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to stay ahead of the curve and all of those dependencies are met in that environment.  Mint 20.x hasn't quite hit the street clear of beta yet, should within the next week or so based on reports.  I'll try again then.  I was willing to take the gamble because I got the 16.04 build(s) to work in the 18.04 environment without destroying anything, but in hindsight I should have known that backwards compatibility from the future was no guarantee as opposed to better luck with old builds going into future releases.  Oh well...  (Where did I put that backup image?)

I've found that building on Debian results in the best / widest compatibility as most of the other popular distributions are forks of it in one way or another.

I also use static linking as much as possible / permitted by licenses etc to increase LDCad's generic binary usability.

Just my 2cts
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