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(2020-06-20, 2:04)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Various Linux installers were added after my initial post. Does one of them work?
I tried the ldview-qt5-4.4a6-ubuntu-20.04.amd64.deb on Mint 19.3.  There were some dependencies not present (2?) and installed packages not meeting version requirements (1?).  I realize the generic nature of that statement does not help, but in the process of trying to satisfy individual dependencies manually I have busted my system to the point where it is stuck in a boot loop.  I think it had something to do with the libgcc/libqt5 packages.  I did a sudo apt-get install -f, followed by a sudo apt autoremove and it went down the drain from there.  I think the latter inadvertently wiped out something required for the greeter/x-session since it thought it was no longer needed.

I'll venture to guess that you were building specifically to recently released Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to stay ahead of the curve and all of those dependencies are met in that environment.  Mint 20.x hasn't quite hit the street clear of beta yet, should within the next week or so based on reports.  I'll try again then.  I was willing to take the gamble because I got the 16.04 build(s) to work in the 18.04 environment without destroying anything, but in hindsight I should have known that backwards compatibility from the future was no guarantee as opposed to better luck with old builds going into future releases.  Oh well...  (Where did I put that backup image?)
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