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RE: LDView 4.4 Alpha 6 test release
(2020-06-14, 23:57)Travis Cobbs Wrote: I have posted a test release for LDView 4.4 Alpha 6 to GitHub:


This release does have some known issues, but it also has quite a bit of new functionality, as well as some significant bug fixes.

Right now, I have only provided installers for macOS and 64-bit Windows. If you would like me to create an installer other than one of those two, please let me know.

The ChangeHistory.html file that is included in the release lists all of the changes. In the macOS version, ChangeHistory.html is in the dmg. In the Windows version, ChangeHistory.html gets installed to wherever you install LDView (C:\Program Files\LDView by default). I think the most important changes are:

  1. Support for SPHERICAL and CYLINDRICAL texture maps.
  2. Support for !DATA meta-command for embedding texture maps into MPDs.
  3. Support for DPI scaling (AKA High DPI) on Windows, as well as Retina displays on macOS.
  4. Support for macOS Finder thumbnail generation (toggle on LDraw tab of preferences).
  5. Support for macOS Dark Mode.
  6. Multiple important TEXMAP bug fixes.

Requesting installer for Linux...  I have been using Ubuntu (16.04) 64 bit .deb up to this point on Linux Mint 19.x (Debian, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) and Mint 18.x prior.  I have had to manually pull in one or two dependencies to make it work on Mint 19.x, but it does and beats rolling the dice with WINE.  Thanks for the continuing work.
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