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RE: LDView 4.4 Alpha 6 test release
(2020-06-17, 20:02)Travis Cobbs Wrote: 4.4 is actually supposed to fix problems with special characters in filenames, so it seems like I introduced a new one that wasn't present before. I would still appreciate it if you sent me a zip that includes the folder itself inside the zip.

Never mind about sending me a zip. I'm able to reproduce the problem.

So, I found the problem. I put a lot of effort into fixing LDView's support of Unicode characters in filenames, but forgot to enable one part of that code in my Windows Release build settings. Since all my other code had been updated to treat all filenames as Unicode (specifically, UTF-8, mostly), the one remaining bit of code that didn't do that didn't work at all any more.  Undecided
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