LDPE 0.8.50 Beta Released (bugfix / usability)

What was reported?
(2020-06-01, 17:17)Willy Tschager Wrote: Thanks Nils,

which one is the one I reported? Just curious.


 I found indications of the first three cases in your logfile. They can probably cause the problems which you have observed.
It is very hard to reproduce the four issues you have reported via mail.

This includes (for documentation, maybe I will solve this in the near future):
  • An entry under "Last opened files" is not opened inside of the text editor, even when "Sync. 3D Editor Tabs with Text Editor Tabs" is active.
  • "Cut" or "Delete" does not work in the text editor sometimes, you have to save the file to continue.
  • "Sync. 3D Editor Tabs with Text Editor Tabs" does not sync the tabs sometimes.
  • An Edger2 run somehow "locks" the unmatched edges inside of the text editor. They can't be cut or deleted until you save the file to continue.
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