LDPE 0.8.50 Beta Released (bugfix / usability)

Created a bug-ticket regarding shortcuts
(2020-06-02, 15:50)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: No it doesn't work - but in a very subtle way.
In my current configuration (coming from the older 0.49 version) I had R as shortcut for Rotation (working) AND manipulator reset (not working "of course").
Now I edit keyboard shortcuts to set '<' for rotation and Z for manipulator reset. Both work. (and I can close LDPE, shortcuts properly saved). But since after years of usage I got used to R shortcut for rotation, I change back < to R for rotation, and leave Z assigned to manipulator reset.  This works till I close LDPE... but when I restart it, R is automagically assigned back to reset manipulator (but remains also assigned to rotation, so reset manipulator is no longer accessible)

Thanks Philo! I was able to reproduce the problem from your description and created an issue (#753). I will just correct it with the next release.
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