prototype starship (hard sci-fi)

RE: prototype starship (hard sci-fi)
(2020-05-12, 8:35)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Great too! But I somhow miss the detail I preferred on the first version, the ingots used to texture the smaller rings Wink

Thank you, but the first version used a non-existent part that can not be "crafted" (i.e. modded) from other, existing parts -- it uses a 1x2 plate with click-hinges at both ends. 

Both versions also need a 4-L Technic beam, but the two needed can be modded from surplus beams. 

Both versions also need a 40-L Technic axle, but this can be creatively replaced by two other axles of great length, carefully arranged to meet inside the octagonal "sphere" (the Engineering module).  

Thank you for the feedback.  ;-)  Franklin
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