Questions about 3DMAX export format

RE: Questions about 3DMAX export format
(2020-05-07, 11:09)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Yes, I don't think we can emphasis that enough.
You should always have the primitives in mind. Don't think that you can do complete, finished parts in another software.
That mesh is to be seen as raw data that still need a lot of adopting. You should use as many primitives as possible in the finished part.

If I where to use another software, I would begin to investigate if it is possible to have a library of "primitives", to use in that software.
We build parts like you normally build a lego set, but we use primitives instead of bricks.

Thank you. I see.

I make "DUPLO" parts. Where should I look for the original model or data?

For example, the length, width and height of "DUPLO" 2 * 4 brick, whether there is standard data
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