PT links consistency

PT links consistency
There is some consistency problem on PT concerning the link texts and what they point to:
- in detail page/required/related subfiles, title text points to detail page while part_number.dat allows to download file. Perfect imho.
- in activity page, there is only a link on part_number.dat, but it points to detail page. I'd like it to download file, and get a link on title pointing to detail page
- Similar problem in parts list, i'd like part_number.dat to directly download file (and, for sake of consistency, show the .dat extension)
- I guess that file scan could/should be homogeneized too, with link to download on part_number.dat, link to detail page on part title, and link column with only the events link.

Even more nitpicking, use bold face for title in activity/list/scan pages like it is used in detail page.
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