Tourguide or walktrough animation

RE: Tourguide or walktrough animation
(2020-05-25, 20:13)Moreau Wrote: then may i suggest hotkeys for moving the 1st person camera in +/-x, y, z directions? i suggest N, S, E, W, U, D, with the movement incriments being the same as the red green and blue in the edit compass box.
1.7 will feature interactive animation so how it responds to the keyboard etc is all up to the animation script.

(2020-05-25, 20:13)Moreau Wrote: Which string forces the camera to "keep looking forward" relative to the minifig?

The line

seq:addAction(aniTools.funcDepAction(camAct.yaw, 0, nil, actor.dir, dep))

sets up a dependency action based on the direction between two breadcrumbs (the one the minifig is in between at the moment).

It uses that direction and the rest Z-Direction to calculate the camera left/right angle.
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