Tourguide or walktrough animation

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(2020-05-25, 16:03)Moreau Wrote: yeah i figured that out by rearranging them but none of the lines are numbered so without hovering/selecting its not possible to tell which piece corresponds to which line on the list, nor is there any way i can see to rearrange the pieces up or down in the source window.

Oh! i can open the .ldr file with text editor instead of Ldraw and all the lines there are numbered. well that's one way to find out how many total parts are in my models, almost.
You can move lines around by just dragging them.

Or if you want to change the order select them in the order you want them using the 3d view, and the n grab any of the selected lines in the source window and move the 'insertion line' to the top of the selection. This will force the lines in the same order as the selection.

(2020-05-25, 16:03)Moreau Wrote: another couple problems i discovered with the animation is that if i pause the playback and rotate the view, the camera position has changed (i had it set to 1st person on line 23), and even though i had the camera rotation set to SPN it was rotating as if in TBL, and did not revert to SPN untill i toggled it to TBL and back again to SPN. very disorienting! (i never use TBL).
The camera control is always trackball during animation playback unless the "CAM" label is red in the top right session panel. This because the animation needs full control of the camera and not be limited by the horizontal orientation of spin control.

(2020-05-25, 16:03)Moreau Wrote: Still trying to figure out how to allow camera rotation during animation play. i suspect its somewhere between lines 229 and 249.
I'm not sure what you mean here, if you want manual control of the camera during playback disable the CAM option mentioned above.

Or do you want manual control like in a first person action came, from the mifig's perspective during playback. This is not possible in 1.6, it's a planned 1.7 feature though.
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