Tourguide or walktrough animation

RE: Tourguide or walktrough animation
(2020-05-10, 21:30)kevlamar Wrote: thanks. i was able to open the source code to the .lua file in a text editor and found the setting i was looking for.  i will continue to play with it as i put the for the time being. I am still a little way from having my model completed.  once it is finished i will likely need some help videoing it

roland i got the script working fine in small models and have learned how to make some basic alterations to the script but when i tryed to run it in my large model i get this error msg:  

Playback is too slow for 25 fps at an avg frame time of 145.31ms.

how do i drop the frames per second down to a lower level.  i have scrolled through the lua script several times but do not see any obvious tags that say 25 fps.  am i overlooking it? if so can you tell me about what line it is on. or maybe does fps need to be set in ldraw?  can you help me out?
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