Advice getting started with parts authoring?

RE: Advice getting started with parts authoring?
(2019-10-29, 23:06)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: Before we had LDPE I did all my parts in LDDP and had LDView to see what I made.
In fact, I still use those two as my main tools when reviewing parts.

You can set up LDDP to open LDView, one single button
and also to pull to a selected line of code, the one you are editing, by using F11.

To follow on from my saga…

I'm thinking the above method might be a good workaround for now, since LDPE unfortunately continues to be just short of functional for me. I've got LDDP downloaded (the download link from the main page seems to be broken, but I found it another way) and I'll try it in conjunction with LDView and/or LDCad.

I wonder, is there still any value in trying to get MLCad working for the sake of having a WYSIWYG editor, or is it really just obsolete by now? (And if it is worthwhile, can I get the latest version other than by using the AIOI, which doesn't appear to run under Wine?)
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