Advice getting started with parts authoring?

RE: Advice getting started with parts authoring?
(2019-10-29, 8:38)Willy Tschager Wrote: I have written an article on part editing in MLCad:

but you should really get LDPE working. As for patterns LDPC:

Is your choise.


I'm working through all of your tutorials, so this one will be on my list for sure. I just wondered whether it's worth trying to get MLCad working at all, since I'd have to make it work under Wine, and since it seems that LDCad is really the program of choice these days for general modeling. But the tutorials are helpful anyway because the concepts can be applied to any program.

(2019-10-29, 11:37)Nils Schmidt Wrote: I will look into your troubles with LDPE and MacOS X on the next weekend.
From what I saw on GitHub it is most likely a somehow broken setup. I am sure that there is a solution for it.

I'll appreciate your help, but I know you've got other real-life things to do, too!  Smile I think there is likely something amiss in my system, but I'm not sure whether I'm having multiple issues with LDPE, or one issue with multiple symptoms. I think I solved the JAR access problem by running the update script before the run script, and the crash-on-startup is happening with the older version I installed because I couldn't get past the OK button on the current one. So I don't know whether that crash would also occur in the current version…

I can say that being a Mac user, it's taken me a lot longer to realize the possibilities of what can be done with LDraw. Until I figured out Wine, the only programs I could really use were Bricksmith (not quite a full-featured editor) and Studio/Part Designer. While I'm very impressed by the easy-to-learn interactive GUI of Studio, I'm now finding myself limited by its lack of under-the-hood access: I can't directly manipulate code and see the results. For Part Designer, this really prevents any meaningful editing, because I can't work with the basic building blocks of a part (unless I'm missing where this functionality can be found).
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