Edges between floating vertices?

RE: Edges between floating vertices?
(2019-10-11, 20:09)Gerald Lasser Wrote: Ah, I think, I got what you want.

What I usually do in such cases I draw immediately on the template.
  • I would import the relief into LDPC.
  • Start drawing the pattern optimized to the Reference Lines (so using Ctrl-T and Ctrl-P to move the vertices to the edges, respectively the  vertices of the template)
  • At the places where you used circles, I would draw them as well without taking the Reference Lines into account, but afterwards slice it manually with the CSG tool as the SlicerPro is sometimes giving issues when triangles are getting too small.
I started doing this since I made the Monster Fighter's Train Dish with Slicer Pro, gave me about a million Micro-triangles that I had to mend together. So I find it much easier to draw with the reference lines in place.
This is more or less the way I do 3D patterns.
  • import shape in LDPC
  • import background image
  • Create vertices (with vertices creation tool) nearby the point where a color boundary of the image crosses a template line.
  • Press ctrl+t immediately to move the vertex exactly on template line
  • when all these intersection vertices are created, I triangulate the pattern, adding additionnal vertices where needed with the triangulation tool. Remains tedious, but that's the most efficient way I found.
Otherwise... if you want to recreate create the patterned head without slicing (which makes sense here since the pattern is dense and head shape triangulation is random):
  • in LDPE, add the head shape to your flat pattern
  • Select the pattern and project it on the head: action -> merge to nearest surface(direction) and choose +x direction
  • Delete head shape reference (and correct the vertex that fell outside that reference)
  • Add condlines... (and change them to edge lines in the mane!)

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