LDraw MOCs at Fan Conventions

RE: LDraw MOCs at Fan Conventions
(2019-07-25, 15:48)Orion Pobursky Wrote: I've requested (not yet approved) to have a LDraw MOC display at an upcoming AFOL convention. As such, I'd like to get as many images and models file as I can to showcase the efforts of our community at future fan events.

The rules for submission are:
- Must be public display appropriate
- Images must of a resolution that displays well on a 1080p monitor
- Videos are allowed subject to the above rules
- Pre-rendered images are desired but LDR files will be accepted.
- Author's real name (pen names are allowed) and email must be provided (can be done via PM).

Please post submissions to this thread or via PM.

Please create a new topic for discussion of the rules or other items.

My projects

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