3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker

RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
(2022-06-27, 13:42)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Lasse may have a demo at his site.

For us, I have to pull the new code, test to see if anything broke in our code, and implement a button to enable this view.

I have tried to avoid breaking anything. The sample file I referred to can be accessed live on this page on brickhub

The new functions have now also been added to the standard part view, such as brickhub.org/p/85080 or a simple part like brickhub.org/p/3024

In other news, I have rebuilt the primitive generator, so that it no longer needs to know all primitives in the JavaScript file in advance. The "API" is unchanged, so it does not require any changes to how it is called. It should now also be much faster, as the 1100+ parts will now be generated on-demand, rather than on startup. The JS file is also smaller, which again results in better performance. See the new generator here. There is still a lot of primitives to be generated, but it now generates more than 50% of all official primitives!
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