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(2022-06-26, 8:41)Lasse Deleuran Wrote: I wanted to relax with an easier change yesterday, so I found this suggestion and implemented it. Please see sample_part.htm for how to enable an axes helper.
Looks interesting, but is there a way to see it working?

Quote:The vertex-normal, and thus UV calculation is done using a heuristic based on the presence of line type 2 and 5 starting from or ending at the vertices. Some part, such as 85080.dat have some funky usage of overlapping line type 5's causing the heuristic to fail. I am not sure if the heuristic should be even more complex, or if 85080.dat should be cleaned up.
I'm afraid the heuristics should be more complex, I see no problem in 85080. The overlapping condlines occur because the condlines included in cylinder prims are calculated to be OK with cylinder tangent to a plane. If the next element is placed at an angle, part author must provide a so called "complementary condline" (overlaping the one included in primitive) so that the condline appears properly at the right viewing incidence.
I'm also not sure that vertex normal should be calculated from condlines or from facets themselves Huh
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