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RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
(2019-10-25, 12:18)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Another addition that would be useful (no idea of complexity involved!): possibility to display an origin/axis thingy to allow quick check of part origin and orientation...

I wanted to relax with an easier change yesterday, so I found this suggestion and implemented it. Please see sample_part.htm for how to enable an axes helper.

Other helper functions include viewing computed normals and seeing if the computed UV mapping is correct.

The vertex-normal, and thus UV calculation is done using a heuristic based on the presence of line type 2 and 5 starting from or ending at the vertices. Some part, such as 85080.dat have some funky usage of overlapping line type 5's causing the heuristic to fail. I am not sure if the heuristic should be even more complex, or if 85080.dat should be cleaned up.
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