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RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
I have added stud logos to the following stud types in the library (the change is pushed to the latest version of the master branch of buildinginstructions.js):


Unfortunately this has surfaced some issues. I recall having read that stud logos should not be mirrored, even when found on mirror geometries. If I can find where this is written, then I can try to "unmirror" logos that are shown.

The issues are documented here: https://github.com/LasseD/buildinginstru.../issues/22

And I am copying them below:

Adding logos on studp01.dat reveals issue with stud rotation on u1454p01.dat
See: https://brickhub.org/p/u1454p01

Adding logos on stud15.dat reveals issues with stud rotation on 92947.dat
See: https://brickhub.org/p/92947

Adding logos on stud17.dat reveals the following issues:
For 6042.dat:
Logos are only present in the top studs. They all face the same direction ('L' toward the sideways stud section). With s/6042s01.dat being used mirrored, the logos are incorrectly shown.
See: https://brickhub.org/p/6042
For 6032.dat:
There should be a logo in the inner stud (The letters 'L' and 'O' are visible in the left side of the real part due to a molding point, while the right inner stud contains an encircled 'C'). Due to no logo being completely visible on the real part, my vote is for not changing the LDraw part to use stud17.dat.
See: https://brickhub.org/p/6032

Adding logos on stud13.dat shows an issue with 4773a.dat where mirroring and rotations result in stud logos being shown wrongly.
See: https://brickhub.org/p/4773a

Adding logos on stud6.dat shows an issue with 17485.dat where rotations result in stud logos being shown wrongly.
See: https://brickhub.org/p/17485

Edit: If you do not see logos in the brickhub pages, then please visit https://brickhub.org/i/p.php?model=457 (a random parts list) and press the "LEGO" button in the settings below. After this the logos should appear on parts pages as well. I am currently looking into getting this functionality copied to the parts pages so you don't need this workaround.
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