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RE: 3D Part Preview added to Parts Tracker
(2019-07-20, 15:19)Orion Pobursky Wrote: I've compensated for the extra primitives added by the setStuds method in my path prefretch script and started playing around with this.

Looks good however the rounded stud tops don't render well in the flat, non-shiny, instructions-style format. High contrast also works quite well. 

I did get a "call stack to large" when trying to render parts with lots of studs (like baseplates) in quality 4 or 5. Example:
(Note: I have quality set at 0 on the PT so you'll have to download and use this part elsewhere to get the error)

Also, for PT purposes, can you add a non-rounded stud with line logo option?
Are you thinking of a hard edge stud like type 1 but with the raises sides like type 4?
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