Stickers with round or sharp edges?

Stickers with round or sharp edges?
Hi all,

Currently, I am trying my best to create the stickers for set 10266 (Apollo 11 Lunar Lander).
I do this to learn to work with LDPC and LDPE :-)

Since I do not own the model (yet) I can only judge online pictures and reviews, but it is my opinion that the edges are round.

Do we need to mimic this or would sharp (straight) edge be good too?
Currently, some stickers have this feature in the official library.
I could be mistaken, but I think most stickers in the newer sets nowadays have rounded edges whereas in the past most stickers had straight edges?

If they must be round, would it be an idea to create a submodel for the bottom box, since a sticker is, in fact, a box that is 0,25 LDU thick?

Attached is my first attempt at sticker nr. 5 of this set.

Also, what would be the part number for the sticker or how do we name it?


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Jaco van der Molen
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