Studio parts editor, decals, connectivity...

RE: Studio parts editor, decals, connectivity...
(2022-03-09, 19:44)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I am not sure to understand why you make this such an urgent case. There is soooooo many possible sources of vertex mismatch in LDraw parts, I don't understand why correcting a bunch of prims is so important?

When I asked in the thread, I was told that it was best to also check all part files which use the primitives and correct these. This is an extremely large amount of manual, repetitive and, frankly, utterly boring, work. But if I don't do it, then who will?

There are so many interesting topics to pick up:
- Those errors that you and the team have reported.
- Proper rendering of transparent elements.
- Faster primitive generator.
- Instancing for faster rendering
- Animations
- Generators for LDCad in order to render files quicker (and using less memory)
- Lights
- Scenes
- Automatic instruction steps

But I know that when I focus on these, I neglect the boring stuff that will then not be done.
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