Studio parts editor, decals, connectivity...

RE: Studio parts editor, decals, connectivity...
(2022-03-09, 16:27)Orion Pobursky Wrote: I wouldn't oppose you directly contacting the Studio team to ask why they aren't using the official standard. You can even say you're representing LDraw in this matter. I think you might pull a little more weight since your software is being used by Rebrickable.

Thanks. I will do this. I should have opportunities to contact them directly from August where I will be in Billund. 

Meanwhile. It seems like reverse engineering and splitting into sub models programmatically is the way forward with this latest change. 

This will unfortunately take a medium effort, and I want to make greater strides with the rounding errors in official primitives first, since that is a more pressing issue. So if anyone finds a solution here in the mean time, then feel free to raise a PR - it will be greatly appreciated.
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