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(2019-04-15, 6:39)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: AFAIK the minifig whip doesn't have a structure suitable for current LDCad flexible generator because of its conical shape. AFAIK (again) the only LEGO editor that offers a flexible whip is Mecabricks that has a flexible 88704 model.

I think it (88704?) could be made but it would need a whole lot of donors in a series of 1+ segmented skin sections.

(2019-04-15, 3:12)Orion Pobursky Wrote: - Pneumatic tubes without expanded ends

Besides Philo's suggestion you could also replace the caps with something non expanded, by making a custom unofficial part.

As a rule I only include templates for things entirely depending on official content or LDCad's own donor files.

But if the shape can be made with only type 1 lines we could (misuse) donors for this and inline them during generation.

If someone could send me such a donor I could include it in 1.6c

Same goes for the whip.
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