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(2019-04-15, 3:12)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Another one, kind of a bit of an edge case:
Flexible templates for:
 - Pneumatic tubes without expanded ends
 - Minifig whip
We are missing an end segment to make a good "Pneumatic tubes without expanded ends". But if you can live with see-through at the ends of your tubes, it's easy to remove the ends of a ldcad hose:
- double click on the hose to open it
- right-click on the edit window then grouping -> clear auto groups. This allows to separate end caps from end control points.
- delete the expanded ends

AFAIK the minifig whip doesn't have a structure suitable for current LDCad flexible generator because of its conical shape. AFAIK (again) the only LEGO editor that offers a flexible whip is Mecabricks that has a flexible 88704 model.
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