Complete Patterned bricks from set 41621

RE: Patterned bricks from set 41621
(2019-03-01, 17:51)Vincent M Wrote:
(2019-02-28, 10:02)Ulrich Röder Wrote: Welcome here, Vincent

63864pb072 is done :

3004pb169 :

3069bpb658 :

[b][font=Arial]3069bpb659 :


Many Thanks Ulrich! I guess the last one is more complex? Or if the photo is not good enough I can try to do a better one.

Also, if it can be useful I can provide pics of all patterned parts I own which are not yet in Ldraw

You´re welcome!

Yepp!...more complex.....But ready now!

Take care, that these parts are not reviewed yet. until the final certification can still be necessary changes.

So keep an eye on any updated file.

Have fun with it!

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