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(2018-12-27, 2:04)Nicolas BUSSIÈRE Wrote: Hello, 
I'm a new user and I would like to help in the review process. I'm not sure to be a good author but I may give a try. I was trying to update my computer listing and I got stucked when trying to add some Next Power Tiles (part n° 22385). I have seen some new "unofficial parts library" which are looking as the pieces I have in front of eyes.

Additionnally, I have found a 404 error in this page (link Help! What is this page?) :

Thanks for reporting the missing page. I'll investigate later this week when I'm back home.

We have found that potential reviewers do need to have gained some experience with authoring a range of real parts before they can assess other authors' work. So thanks for your offer, but I don't think you are ready just yet. 

Please do consider signing up as an author and creating more parts for the library.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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