New Parts Tracker reviewers

New Parts Tracker reviewers
The 2018-02 Parts Update, and many of the most recent updates, have relied heavily upon a small number of reviewers, who assess the submitted parts for completeness, accuracy, compliance to the standards and demonstrate a logical approach to naming and subparting. The numbers of certify reviews by each reviewer on files released in update 2018-02 were as follows:

  599 MMR1988
  573 MagFors
  332 Steffen
  327 Philo
   68 arezey
   52 Holly-Wood
   20 GeraldLasser
   15 BlackBrick89
    9 mikeheide
    6 mkennedy
    2 theJudeAbides
    2 dulcaoin

As with part authoring, this is not a competition, but it would help to reduce the backlog if we could get more active reviewers onboard.

There is no rigid assessment process, but we do expect candiates to have demonstrated authoring skills, show an understanding and acceptance of the Official Library Standards and be able to provide constructive feedback to authors.

Please contact me or reply here if you feel you have these abilities and are able to contribute.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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