Moved to files OMR compliant ?

RE: Moved to files OMR compliant ?
(2018-12-08, 16:21)Johann Eisner Wrote: After searching some files, I had errors with the MPDCenter that the file is not OMR compliant.
The reason of the error is that the file contains ~ moved to ... parts.
Have now read in the OMR definition the seventeenth time but found nothing about ~moved to files.

Question: Can a OMR compliant file now contain ~ moved to files or not?

Regards Johann

I do not see a problem to handle these like all other kind of rules. If we create a model with "old" parts it is not a current model. So the check that MPDCenter does is at the point of adding the model to the OMR with the actual parts used. It is normal that some times later some parts are updated. So if you would upload the same model again the model needs to carry the actual references and not the old one.
I hope my words do not confuse you.
I still think this test needs to be done for fresh models.

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