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RE: 3 - Flexible parts that need segment changes
(2020-03-30, 21:59)Roland Melkert Wrote: It used to be, but I changed it in 1.6b, I think, in order to make it snap.

These days the flex axles are being used very often with 11090, which only holds about half the length of the tip. So I made a version of the template that still snaps in to this part, but only to a depth of 10 LDU, and then is flexible after that like the real thing. It's attached below, along with the custom end cap donor you need.

.ldr   technicFlexAxle-bendy.ldr (Size: 4.41 KB / Downloads: 3)

.dat   ldcFlexAxleCap3.dat (Size: 299 bytes / Downloads: 4)

For some reason that I don't fully understand, I had to change the edge deletion setting for the ldcFlexAxleEndC (and only at one end). None of the other donors needed any adjustments.
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